Correcting Credit Report Errors And Putting A Stop To Abusive Creditors

attorney Jeffrey Wilson

I Help You Stay In Control Of Your Financial Future

Nobody wants to lose control of their debts and see their credit suffer, but it happens. These days it is an extremely common situation. You must remember that you have rights even if you are behind on payments, even if you’re facing aggressive debt collection tactics. You need an attorney who understands what you’re going through and how to fight for you.

My name is Jeffrey Wilson, and I’ve seen how debt collection tactics can devastate a person. I help clients from Atlanta and across Georgia take on the difficulties of rebuilding their credit. I am aggressive and thoughtful, and I do everything in my power to help my clients. Learn more about me by reading my bio:

I Don’t Like Bullies

Debt collectors have a job to do, and some try to do it the right way, following the legal guidelines and showing you respect. But many debt collectors just try to push you around and threaten you. They treat you like you’ve done something wrong. They bully you.

I step in to get debt collectors to back off. I provide an aggressive defense of your rights as a debtor and rest assured, you do have rights. I take immense satisfaction in standing up to the billion-dollar debt collection industry.

Repairing Your Credit

I graduated from Texas State University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law and served as senior editor of the law review. When you’ve got credit issues, there are many problems you can face, like being unable to get a loan or having difficulty finding a place to live. These issues are painful, but I can take these pains away.

I’ve made it my work to study the credit industry and how it’s built roadblocks to your ability to rebuild your credit. I look after my clients’ financial future in an ethical, effective. I am not a credit repair agency but an attorney working for you. I put your needs first and do everything I can to help you get back up.

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At my firm, I will treat you with respect. I will listen to you. I will make a plan with you to get out of the financial situation you’re facing. Debt problems hit many people in the community, but I want to help you regain control.

Call me to learn about my services and how I can help you at 888-977-4459. You can also reach my office by using this online form.